This concept is created by CLASHcph and offers a new perspective that involves “education” in the competition. This refers to all styles of urban dance culture.

Every round of the battle will be seen as a subject that the dancers have to pass.

1. Preselection: This round is called “Cypherology”. All participants have to show their improvisation skills in cyphers. Every participant is given freedom regarding how much time he/she wants to enter the cypher and how long his/her solo is. The duration of the whole round is 45 minutes. 16 Dancers get picked.

2. 1st round: “CLASHical Theory”. Musicality of dancers will be tested in this round. The DJ and the drummer will play the most challenging and rhythmic music. Dancers will have to show their understanding of the music through improvisation.

3. Quarterfinal: Next round is called “InterClash”. Social skills of participants will be tested here. Dancers will be put in couples and the couples will dance against each other. Every couple has to show how good they can be at connecting with the partner while improvising.

4. Semifinals: revealed at that day.

5. The Final Exam: revealed at that day.

Thereby, we will find the elite dancer of “CLASH in session” all styles dance battle.

The new approach will strengthen each dancer itself, and inspire audience and the surroundings to be more open towards challenges and willpower to complete them.

For each round there will be three judges who will decide which dancer will go to the next round. For the aim of this battle they will be called “professors”. The judges are chosen based on their experience, expertise on the dance floor and impact they have made on their communities.


DJ Cheza (SWE)

Hosts: Rashaad Hasani (US) and Ayub (DK)

Judges: Linda Ilves (FI), Monstapop (CA), Damon (SE/US)

Winner prize – 3000 DKK

Sign up at the door. Fee 50 DKK