abyss“The ABYSS moves away from the traditional battle format of individuals or teams going round for round against each other with a trio of judges choosing the winner(s). Instead, the ABYSS utilizes a “cypher” format whereby participants form a circle and whoever chooses to dance in the middle can do so at any time within a one-hour time limit. At the end, theparticipants privately discuss their experience. Each participant then votes for a winner, but cannot choose him/herself. This format is founded by Junious L. Brickhouse, the founder and executive director of Urban Artistry, and is designed to inspire a culture of honesty, integrity, self-discovery, and fearlessness, along every participant’s journey to evolved artistry.” – Urban Artistry

Winner will receive a plane ticket to the final that takes place at
the International Soul Society Festival in Washington DC in 2018

Final judge: Junious L. Brickhouse (US)

DJ: Soul Sanna (FI) / Warm up DJ Casper The Friendly Ghost (DK)

Djembe: Amdy Ngom (DK/Senegal)
Singer: Linda Ilves (FI)

Sign up at the door. Fee 50 DKK


Video: Coflo and Tsunami from Circle of Fire and Soul Shifters talking and explaining what the ABYSS – A house dance experience is all about.