Urban Dance Workshops @ KLUBBEN Thomas P. Hejle  

18.00 – 19.00 Ryan “Future” Webb (US) – Tutting
19.00 – 20.00 Rashaad “Time Machine” Hasani – Strutting
20.00 – 22.00 Open Session (free entrance)
130 DKK for 2 workshops (100DKK for 1 workshop) – sign up at the door


Urban Dance Workshops @ KLUBBEN Thomas P. Hejle

130 DKK per workshop – sign up at the door

18.00-20.00 Junious L. Brickhouse (US)-“Abyss House Dance Intensive”  

“Abyss House Dance Intensive” – This workshop is a house music celebration in a format that focuses on the social experience more than the competition. We will focus on how to participate in a community through healthy social practices. These practices are how to dance socially in cyphers, being present and cypher etiquettes.



20.00-22.00 Damon Frost (US/SE)- ”Grooves & Musicality” 



Urban Dance Workshops at GAME (Former Streetmekka – Addr. Enghavevej 82, 2450 København SV)

130 DKK per workshop – sign up at the door

12.00-14.00 Hya aka Monstapop (CA) – Poppin ”Organic Mechanics”

Organic Mechanics
The intensive will be based on the exploration of creating resistance in space while moving with flow and stop motion techniques. An approach relatable to popping and its akin styles. Handy “MonstaPop” Yacinthe will explore the mechanical aspect of movement by understanding the dissociation of the body, “micro control” of the limbs, muscular “micro pulsions” and visual effects. The workshop will help develop a greater control of the body and will also focus on character development which will be layers to the technical aspect of the “Organic Mechanics”.



14.00-16.00 Dr. Rico (US) – Memphis Jookin

Dr Rico workshop will focus on the Memphis soul inspired by the feeling of being buck. The class will lead you on a journey to discovering the culture of Memphis street dance. This workshop will include also mechanics, systems, drills, and concepts that can transfer into any other style of movement.