Urban Quest Tour at 17.00-20.00 (5pm-8pm)
Starts and ends at Urban House Copenhagen.
“Urban Quest Tour” is a walk to different locations that had a huge impact on the urban dance scene in Copenhagen throughout the years. At each stop there will be a representative informing us about the important roles they had and still have in the Danish urban dance history.
This evening we will be meeting Thomas “specialfx” Herodt, Kenneth “Wildkatz” Fogel, Joel De Andrade, and visting places such as “Storkespringvandet”, “Thomas P Hejle”, “Flow Dance Academy” & “Hotstepper”.
The tour will end at Urban House Copenhagen where there will be music, drinks/food you can buy, and a dancefloor 🙂
Urban Quest: Cross-cultural experience (Lectures) & Jam Støberiet, Blågårds Plads 5 (at the Cafe on the 2nd floor)
Lectures from 19.00-21.15 (7pm-9.15pm)
Jam from 21.45 (9.45pm)
The focus of the lectures is to gain perspective on how dance and other urban arts elements can be used to build bridges between different cultures and communities. You will hear about personal histories, local experiences, travels to different communities and how all of this can affect artistic and personal growth of the speaker and those included in the common experience. The speakers will be representatives of different communities and will be announced soon.
We will end the night with mingling and getting down on the floor 🙂
Find more info about the event here:
CLASH in Session Workshops with Urban Artistry (US)
Funk in Focus – Popping/Boogaloo workshop
w/ Rashaad Hasani & Ryan Webb
Time: 18.00-19.30 (6pm-7.30pm) Price: 130kr
The House that Jack Built – House dance workshop
w/ Junious L. Brickhouse
Time: 20.00-21.30 (8.00pm-9.30pm) Price: 130kr
Find more info about the workshops here:
Urban Spirit showcase competition Krudttønden 18.00-22.00 (6pm-10pm)
Prize: 2000 dkk
Find more info about the competition here:
Party at Jolene Bar 22.00-03.00 (10pm-03am)
“Manna & CLASHcph pres. Baronhawk Poitier”
Dee Brown (DK) and Baronhawk Poitier (US) will be playing.
Find more info about the party here:
FRIDAY 11.11 (Main event)
Dance Jam & Battles Støberiet, Blågårds Plads 5 (on the 3rd floor) 18.00-01.00 (6pm-01am)
**CLASH in Session Battle**
Judges: Junious L. Brickhouse (US), Theresa Gustavsson (SE), Diana Wehbi (DK)
DJ Baronhawk Poitier (US)
Prize: 3000 dkk
**The Nordic qualifier for the ABYSS-a house dance experience**
DJ Baronhawk Poitier (US) & live musicians
Prize: Plane ticket to finals in Washington DC
Find more info about our main event here:
CLASH in Session Workshop with Urban Artistry (US) @ Afuk
Mainline – Hip Hop workshop w/ Rizqi Rachmat & Rashaad Hasani
Time: 14.00-15.30 (2pm-3.30pm) Price: 130kr
Find more info about the workshop here:
After party Ideal Bar 23.00-04.00 (11pm-4am)
Baronhawk Poitier (US) and Friendly Ghost (DK) on the decks.
More info coming soon.
SUNDAY 13.11
Panel discussion Afuk 14.30-17.30 (2.30pm-5.30pm)
The topic for our panel discussion this year is “discrimination”. We consider the urban dance scene a direct reflection of the society we live in. Hence, subjects existing and happening in this community are as well relevant in the larger society.
Find more info about the event here:
**Jam at Urban House Copenhagen 18.00-20.00 (6pm-8pm)**
The last evening of the festival. In company with new and old friends, we will enjoy a small jam at the awesome spot Urban House Copenhagen before we end yet another great festival.