As part of the CLASHcph Urban Dance Festival 2016, CLASHcph invites you to CLASH in Session Workshops with members of Urban Artistry (US).
Urban Artistry is an internationally recognized non-profit organization based in Washington DC. Read more about the organization here:

The workshops will be on Wednesday 9.11 and Saturday 12.11 @ Afuk.


***Funk in Focus – Popping/Boogaloo workshop***
w/ Ryan Webb & Rashaad Hasani
Time: 18.00-19.30 (6pm-7.30pm)
Price: 130kr

Funk in Focus is an ever-growing system of applications and fundamentals used to enhance one’s natural movement and talent in the dance styles inspired by funk music, namely Boogalooing, Popping, and Locking. Boogaloo is a dance that has its roots in Oakland, CA during the 1960’s. The dance was born out of a time of social and political awareness. Traditionally, it was done to Funk and Soul music as a solo and group dance. Pulling from many resources like James Brown, Vernacular Jazz, Tap, Singing Group Routines, Sci-Fi Films and Cartoons. These various influences allowed dancers to be original in their presentation. A “Boogaloo” is a dancer that understands a variety of sub-styles. FUNK IN FOCUS students will embody this ideal.

***The House that Jack Built – House dance workshop***
w/ Junious L. Brickhouse
Time: 20.00-21.30 (8.00pm-9.30pm)
Price: 130kr

THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT is not a fairytale. It is the house music experience instructed and demonstrated through house dance and cultural enlightenment. Since its origin in the underground dance scene of the late 1970’s, “Jack” is a reference to jacking; the dance recognized as the foundation of house dance culture. Jacking sparked the creative minds that would eventually engineer the movement influenced by many dance styles, but a true descendent of none. This freedom has provided a home for those who wish to grow artistically and culturally in house music. (


***Mainline – Hip Hop workshop***
w/ Rashaad Hasani & Rizqi Rachmat
Time: 14.00-15.30 (2pm-3.30pm)
Price: 130kr

To establish a working understanding of the foundations and techniques that comprise the ever-changing face of hip hop dance culture. A cross-city and global survey of hip hop dance communities will be examined from the NYC boogie boy, to the West Coast freestyle head, LA industry-style, French/Euro new-style dancers. Students will have a working freestyle, choreography, and research-based approach to being a well-rounded Hip Hop dancer. Mainline classes will emphasize the shifts in Hip Hop music and movement, battle- cypher culture, and global socio-economic factors that contribute to the evolution of its expression; building on the understanding that with shifts in hip hop music and social environments comes a shift in the movement aesthetic.
This course encourages students to become influencers and active participants in their communities, not limited to the mainstream trends but to mainline cultural shifts, to follow the authentic path of hip-hop culture, that is to embody the notion of “moving-intelligence” (hop-hip as defined by KRS-1). For this reason, the course will require each student to build on the following skill-sets: Freestyle, Choreography, Innovation (Self-discovery), and Research.